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OnSSI Premier Partner Program rewards loyalty

OnSSI Premier Partner Program rewards loyalty

PEARL RIVER, N.Y.—OnSSI's Premier Partner Program is just like a well-designed airline rewards program, according to Brad Anderson, OnSSI national sales manager-channel partners. It's simple, it's beneficial to everyone and it even comes with a little bling.

This is the inaugural year for the program, which is open to its certified channel partners, Anderson said.

“They choose to be on our team in the sense that they bring projects into the IP space and they see us as a legitimate, valued partner and product that they want to sell,” he said.

OnSSI, a provider of video management software, promotes a significant number of partners in each geographic space and vertical, Anderson said.

The company had no program in place to promote successful or loyal relationships until it began the Premier Partner Program in February, he said.

“We're not tied to a dollar figure, but to how many miles you fly. Our miles are tied to new channels or new streams of video,” Anderson explained.

Premier Partners start at the silver level and can advance to gold or platinum. They are listed on the OnSSI website as a place to purchase OnSSI products, are advanced in the tech-support queue and are given discounts on OnSSI-provided engineer training, Anderson said. They are also given the opportunity to register new business projects for additional discounts, he said.

Tech support advancement and training discounts increase at the gold and platinum levels. OnSSI directs leads from large shows, such as ISC and ASIS, to gold and platinum members, Anderson said.

“When that decision comes to bear for an integrator, it's which VMS partner they're going to promote. We want that to be us,” he said. “Every time they fly, every time they sell a channel license, it goes toward them gaining the next level.”

“We're doing things that we believe foster loyalty because it's not everybody, it's the ones we have chosen to fly with us,” Anderson said. “We reward them with additional product registrations, new business, advancement in the tech-support queue and training discounts.”


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