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Orion Entrance Control to feature new Occupancy Sensor Constellation at ISC West

Orion Entrance Control to feature new Occupancy Sensor Constellation at ISC West Orion Constellation offers 100% private people counting & can provide contactless heart & breathing rates

LACONIA, N.H.—Turnstile security expert Orion Entrance Control will feature its new Occupancy Sensor Constellation at ISC West 2021, July 19-21 in Las Vegas. Orion Constellation offers 100 percent private people counting and can provide contactless heart and breathing rates.

Security and commercial real estate companies have long searched for solutions to safely monitor private areas where cameras, as well as other technologies, cannot be used, including conference rooms, bathrooms, sensitive intellectual property areas, and many others, Orion noted. “Competitive people counters have notorious accuracy weaknesses, which is why Orion Entrance Control, Inc. sought out a better solution featuring radar because it identifies presence detection through micromovement such as heart rate and breathing,” the company said.

Additionally, increases in employees working remotely means businesses need to reevaluate traditional office space needs. Constellation provides data analytics in real time and historical statistics for companies to make data driven decisions. “Our occupancy sensors feature customizable alerts which uncover when certain areas should be cleaned due to usage, which conference rooms are empty, create energy sustainability saving opportunities when connected to lighting/HVAC systems, as well as which virtual office desks are available as more people work within flexible office spaces,” the company noted.

Orion said retailers see significant benefits as the real time data can be an indicator of where additional staff should be deployed, when restrooms should be cleaned or may need toilet paper replaced, and improve customer experience by more effectively and efficiently allocating staff based on live data.  Historic foot traffic patterns can provide insights into marketing effectiveness. “In fact, the ability to combine foot traffic, dwell time, sales transactions, and other metrics means retail businesses can effectively use Constellation to create a formula to analyze the value of various marketing tactics down to a conversion level,” the company said. “Powerful, actionable data.”

Remote health monitoring is a critical need when it comes to telehealth and patient care because people struggle with a variety of health ailments. Constellation features patented Xandar Kardian technology.  Orion explained that Xandar Kardian is the world’s first and only commercially available FDA 510(k) cleared class II medical device for non-invasive contact free monitoring of motion, resting heart rate, respiratory rate and even presence detection of a patient using radar technology.  Xandar Kardian is cleared for use in general hospitals, nursing homes (all categories including SNF, AL, IL, AAL, Memory Care) and also in residential homes for home health monitoring (qualifies for CPT CODE 99454, Medicare/Medicaid Reimbursement). 

Orion Entrance Control, Inc. is excited to be participating at ISC West 2021. As one of the leaders in turnstile and advanced entrance control systems, we believe our new sensor technology offerings create the most comprehensive, converged systems to maximize safety, security, and operational controls.   From the entrance to the back-office, Orion Entrance Control, Inc. has brought intelligent and effective technologies to help drive greater data and metrics to maximize business efficiencies and a higher level of safety and security practices. Orion Entrance Control, Inc. looks forward to seeing you at our booth to learn more about 100% private Constellation and discussing the future of the converged technology experience.

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