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OV looks for quicker resolution with ITC complaint

OV looks for quicker resolution with ITC complaint Analytics maker believes ITC action will expedite financial settlement

RESTON, Va.—ObjectVideo, which in April filed a lawsuit against Sony, Samsung and Bosch for alleged patent infringement on some of its analytics, on June 29 filed a complaint against the same companies with the International Trade Commission.

�The complaint seeks to bar Bosch, Samsung and Sony from importing and selling products containing software features and functions that allegedly infringe on OV's patents.

�“The ITC was empowered by the Tariff Act in 1930 to be a venue for quick resolution of trade disputes between domestic companies doing business with foreign companies,” said Raul Fernandez, chairman and CEO of ObjectVideo.

�Fernandez said that there are other companies that are infringing on the patent, but OV decided to pursue these three companies because it could go after them with the ITC. “It's a better venue for a small player. It allows you to expedite the process.”

�The ITC process still will take 12 to 16 months “for the full airing of all sides,” he said. And while an ITC ruling would be a “ruling on patents [not a] ruling on damages or ongoing royalties,” ObjectVideo fully intends to seek “an economic solution,” he said.

�Fernandez believes that action from the ITC would also expedite an agreement on royalties and damages.

�“The U.S. is an important enough market that if there is a likelihood that a core product would be excluded from [being sold here, we believe that would] bring the party to the table for negotiations.”

�ObjectVideo has royalty arrangements with camera maker Mirasys and another private company. Fernandez said OV has been approached by “a handful of others” about royalty arrangements since April.

�Bosch and Samsung declined to comment on pending litigation. Sony did not return calls before press time, but has previously declined to comment for the same reason.


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