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Pierre Bourgeix to work with Orion Entrance Control in consulting role

Pierre Bourgeix to work with Orion Entrance Control in consulting role

Pierre Bourgeix to work with Orion Entrance Control in consulting role

LACONIA, N.H.—Orion Entrance Control, Inc., a manufacturer and supplier of converged entry technology, has appointed Pierre Bourgeix as an embedded consultant. Bourgeix brings more than 30 years of security experience through his work at The Rand Corporation, U.S. State Department, ADT/Tyco Security, HySecurity, Wallace International, SecureState, and Boon Edam.

With Bourgeix’s expertise, Orion looks to expand its influence nationally and internationally. 

“I am excited to join Orion Entrance Control, Inc. in its quest to develop the most formidable integrated and converged entry platform in the industry,” Bourgeix said about the new opportunity. “Orion has postured itself to take that next step in becoming an industry leader.”

Bourgeix’s competencies center around physical and cybersecurity governance, is a respected industry expert and is involved in developing security standards testing products, systems, and solutions. He has a proven track record of success working with the U.S. Secret Service, National Security Agency (NSA), and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Bourgeix’s other knowledge areas include electronic security, managed services security, information technology (IT), and cybersecurity.

“Pierre’s experience in the physical and cybersecurity industry will be of great help as we continue to grow globally,” said Orion Entrance Control, Inc. CEO Steve Caroselli.

Bourgeix told Security Systems News that he is excited to work with Caroselli, who he said is the big story here in terms of what he has been able to do with the company.

“Steve has done just an incredible job and that should be the highlight,” Bourgeix said. “Steve took the company from zero to where it is now, and it is amazing. Even through COVID he was able to keep the company moving, and they are now extremely well-positioned in the marketplace. Because of their forward-thinking technology solutions, which tie in converged entry and truly understand the importance of connectivity to the IT/IOT environment, they are ahead of everybody else.”

Working in a consulting role, Bourgeix is going to help Orion get to the next level. “It is all about documenting processes that they already have in place and starting to build that ISO framework," he noted. "They have a lot of the structure already there, and have done a great job, so it is getting the ISO framework and certifications in place, for example.”

Bourgeix said he is also excited to help bring the company's latest technologies to market.

“They have implemented some incredible technologies and embedded these technologies, like health and heartbeat monitoring, into the entry solution,” he explained. “What you are finding is the turnstile is tied to a lot of these technologies, and this is what the end user wants – they want it embedded in the turnstile. Orion is heading in the right direction when it comes to converged entry and no one else has figured it out yet the way Orion has, so we are excited about the future.”


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