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The price conversation continues with a Provident argument

The price conversation continues with a Provident argument


I wrote a while back about a central station called Mason Monitoring that was embarked on a campaign to undersell the competition with unbeatably low monitoring prices. That story sparked kind of an uproar from some of my readers who thought my news reporting constituted endorsing the Mason brand. At that point I decided it would be a good idea to take a look at price and examine whether it was the most important factor in a service industry.

I recently came across an interesting tweet from Canadian security company Provident Security's president Mike Jagger. He's saying, basically “Look, you get what you pay for, and security is NOT somewhere you should skimp.”

Take a look at the video Provident's got up. Interesting stuff. Mike's video bears not only on the price discussion I had going in my SSN stories, but also on the verified alarms discussion I've had going, as well.

Provident has a cool business model, I think. Also, check out Provident-sponsored aspiring Olympian Kevin Jagger (Mike's younger brother). That's a pretty cool story, too.


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