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Pro-Vigil partners with Lydia Security Monitoring

Pro-Vigil partners with Lydia Security Monitoring UCC and COPS dealers can now work with the video monitoring company

SAN ANTONIO—Pro-Vigil, a video monitoring equipment provider based here, recently entered a partnership to work with customers of Lydia Security Monitoring—the parent company to COPS Monitoring and UCC—totaling 4,200 dealers.

“Video has been talked about a lot in the industry over the years, but there's not really a lot of dealers selling or installing video on a regular basis,” Teresa Gonzalez, UCC's president, told Security Systems News. UCC dealers will “learn how to sell this, design it, install it,” with support directly from Pro-Vigil, she said. Pro-Vigil provides mobile surveillance units as well as fixed permanent surveillance solutions and video analytics.

Gonzalez added that there could be greater adoption through upselling existing customers. “The dealer wins by getting additional revenue, UCC wins by getting additional revenue, and Pro-Vigil wins by getting a new customer.”

UCC and COPS will work with Pro-Vigil's monitoring station, which will discern alarms for dispatch among false alarms, passing the relevant signals on to the Lydia centers. “Our platforms will be integrated and UCC will make the dispatch to the authorities,” Gonzalez said. “We're only having to look at dispatch-able events and not necessarily all of the activity that video signals have created in the past, like wind blowing in trees.”

Gonzalez said that a pilot program for the partnership launched in June. “[We] ran it through some of our major markets where we have dealer presence, and it was very much a program of interest with our dealers,” she said, adding that seven to 10 of the company's dealers are on the program now. “We expect good traction on the program and the services going forward.”

The announcement noted that Pro-Vigil intends to enhance its video analytics by introducing machine learning capabilities and artificial intelligence in 2019.

“Our strategy for this year was to establish a partnership with the leading central station provider, and the Lydia Security Monitoring brands were naturally our top choice,” Jeremy White, founder of Pro-Vigil, said in a prepared statement. “We are confident that Pro-Vigil's leading video solutions will not only help Lydia's dealers improve the services they provide their existing customers but to also attract new business. Our partnership is the biggest and certainly the most impactful partnership between a video monitoring provider and a central station company, and we're excited to see it pay dividends for all parties involved. ”


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