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Rapid Response first third-party monitoring center to get UL listing for AVS-01

Rapid Response first third-party monitoring center to get UL listing for AVS-01

SYRACUSE, N.Y.— Rapid Response Monitoring Services has earned the Underwriters Laboratories UL-CAVS listing, becoming the first third-party monitoring center to both adopt the standard and receive the UL listing for the new TMA-AVS-01 Alarm Validation Scoring Standard. 

“AVS-01's accurate scoring and classification of intrusion alarms improves situational awareness and allows specialists to relay a more comprehensive depiction of what is happening at the premises,” said Morgan Hertel, vice president of technology & innovation for Rapid Response. “This standard is a critical need for our industry, so we dedicated substantial resources to put it in place and secure the UL listing as soon as possible.”

Rapid Response Monitoring ServicesAVS-01 is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) compliant standard developed by The Monitoring Association to enhance professional monitoring services.

Rapid Response fully deployed AVS-01 on Jan. 15, 2024, following two years of preparation and four months of beta testing.

"Our customized and fully proprietary monitoring software analyzes alarm data, applies AVS-01 standardized scoring, and generates a priority level for all intrusion alarms,” said Rapid Response President Jeffrey Atkins. “This score is based on the probability of unauthorized activity at the location. Communicating AVS-01 scores to authorities during dispatch results in enhanced protection, reduced calls for service, increased customer satisfaction, and a competitive advantage for our Rapid Response dealers. For these reasons, delaying deployment was simply not an option.”

To learn more about AVS-01 visit the Rapid Response blog titled AVS-01: The New Monitoring Standard That Will Enhance Credibility of Burglary Alarms


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