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TMA releases comprehensive operator training for AVS-01 Standard

TMA releases comprehensive operator training for AVS-01 Standard

MCLEAN, Va.—The Monitoring Association (TMA) has announced the launch of its AVS-01 Alarm Validation Scoring Standard online training, an interactive three-module course.

Developed primarily for monitoring center operators and delivered online, the dynamic course provides a comprehensive introduction to the AVS-01 Standard; illustrates the standard’s measurable alarm level classifications; demonstrates the call handling process; and explains the importance of public safety and law enforcement engagement. The course is now available for free at

The Monitoring Association (TMA)“The AVS-01 Standard directly addresses the alarm industry’s goal to provide greater situational awareness to public safety, ECC telecommunicators, and law enforcement,” said TMA President Steve Butkovich. “As monitoring centers and ECCs move to adopt and integrate the AVS-01 Standard into their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), it is now critical to establish a strong understanding of the contents and benefits of the AVS-01 Standard. This training provides the required core knowledge for all stakeholders.”

“TMA is committed to advancing the professionalism and effectiveness of monitoring centers across the country through education,” noted TMA CEO Celia Besore. “This new course is an exciting and important addition to our portfolio of training courses. It provides operators with the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate and streamline the alarm classification process into their pre-existing call handling process.”

David Charney, CCO of Stealth Monitoring in Dallas, added, “I was really impressed by how the training not only showed the operator how to classify an existing alarm, but also how to escalate and de-escalate alarms as more information becomes available.”

By adopting the AVS-01 Standard, monitoring centers can significantly enhance their alarm response processes, improve public safety outcomes, and contribute to industry-wide standardization and efficiency.

For more information about the AVS-01 training course and to enroll, please visit



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