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RapidSOS’s answer to monitoring in digital age: ‘Intelligent safety’

RapidSOS’s answer to monitoring in digital age: ‘Intelligent safety’

RapidSOS’s answer to monitoring in digital age: ‘Intelligent safety’

NEW YORK — RapidSOS has spent the last few years trying to enhance operator experience in monitoring centers by improving delivery of critical data and staffing shortages. The company’s answer: Unite and Harmony. 

During its 2024 Innovation Day, the company revealed RapidSOS Unite, the latest evolution of its intelligent safety response platform; and RapidSOS Harmony, an AI co-pilot system for 911 operators and first responders. 

“Intelligent safety is all about better protecting our communities in this digital age,” said RapidSOS CEO Michael Martin. “It’s the new way to think about emergency response.” 


RapidSOS Unite combines the company’s existing portal and premium solutions into one product with several new features that leverage Al automation to save time. It features rich content pathways, including multimedia and texting; redundant connection to caller phones, even if calling fails; and critical data from a network of more than 540 million connected devices. 

Company officials confirmed that those who have already been using the RapidSOS portal will receive these new features at no cost. Those using the premium service can expect a new level of customization with enhanced mapping using locally authoritative GIS data, automated translation and transcription, intelligent analytics, forecasting and more.  


RapidSOS Harmony helps to address the staffing problems in emergency response centers by allowing them to do more with less. The program is designed to integrate billions of data payloads into the existing software and operational procedures of 911 and first responders. Its three key features are: synthesizing important information from data feeds into one unified picture; automating the manual processing of alarm calls; and extracting key insights from text and video, including sentiment analysis, language translation, keyword alerting and video object detection. 

“Technology will never replace the talent, ingenuity, and professionalism of public safety,” Martin said. “But we do believe that artificial intelligence is a tool that can support that lifesaving work. Similar to how a copilot helps a captain in a challenging landing, monitoring all the periphery sensors and feeding only the most important information at the right time.” 


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