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Rave Mobile Safety announces record first quarter with growth across industries

Rave Mobile Safety announces record first quarter with growth across industries Company performance fueled by replacement of competitive systems and deployment of new innovations

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.—Rave Mobile Safety (Rave), the critical communication and collaboration platform customers count on when it matters most, has announced record growth in the first quarter, with 95 percent of its business deals resulting from clients upgrading from competitive systems.

The trend underscores Rave’s success over the last 18 years helping community and business leaders prepare better, respond faster, and communicate more effectively during emergencies, in crisis situations, and planned events.

Rave’s stellar first quarter achievements come on the heels of 12 consecutive years of revenue growth and demonstrates that a wide array of organizations and businesses are increasingly relying on Rave’s easy-to-use technological solutions to communicate with key stakeholders before, during, and after adverse events.

“The challenges that state and local governments, public safety officials, and corporate leaders are facing today – whether it’s a global pandemic, natural disaster, hostile event, or any other incident that requires integrated strategies and outreach to key audiences – is of the utmost importance to those charged with safety, security, and business continuity,” Rave CEO Todd Piett said. “Rave is playing an active role in helping our clients improve their ability to respond to time-critical incidents and life safety events, as demonstrated by the number of customers choosing to replace their previous safety solutions with an upgrade to Rave.”

California Chooses Rave for Statewide Mass Notification

In February, Rave was selected by Atos Public Safety, LLC (Atos) as the Next Generation 911 (NG911) Alert and Warning System platform for the state of California. Rave was awarded the business, replacing a competitive emergency notification solution, by offering the nation’s most populous state the enhanced flexibility and configurability required for large scale events including earthquakes, wildfires, mudslides, tsunamis, civil unrest, and major sporting events. California is the ninth statewide deployment of Rave solutions.

Panic Button Use Cases Expand into the Public Sector

Rave Panic Button is currently used in K-12 schools across North America, including statewide deployments in New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Delaware. But with societal shifts and mounting safety considerations related to election safety and civil unrest, local and state governments are increasingly turning to this trusted solution to help safeguard government buildings.

In the event of an on-site crisis—from an armed intruder to a medical incident— any authorized user can activate the Rave Panic Button app and based on the incident type immediately activate custom workflows and location-based notifications in addition to alerting 9-1-1 with key information to speed the response. 

Public safety dispatchers, on-site security, key personnel, and other defined responders are notified about the unfolding situation and sent important, timely details such as device location, floor plans, access instructions, emergency nature, and relevant information about the user. This rapid dissemination of information to multiple stakeholders at the same time helps to speed up response times and improve situational awareness for first responders.

Rave Aware Recognized for Innovative Approach to Emergency Response

In late 2021, Rave launched Rave Aware, a new solution that enables Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) data-sharing and interoperability. Rave Aware helps public safety agencies expedite response, share information, foster better collaboration, and provide details on the setting or suspect(s) so that law enforcement, fire, and EMS professionals can quickly deescalate things upon arrival.

“Our mutual aid response partnership with neighboring counties means that we are not only required to share resources, but also pertinent information regarding unfolding situations. And as you might expect, we need to act fast,” said Joseph Thomas, director of Sussex County Emergency Operations (Delaware). “Rave Aware allows different agencies, on different systems, to plug in and see the same information. This is not only a cost-effective, seamless approach to unified command, it also allows us to capture critical data that not only informs our actions during emergencies but allows us to review incident data and revisit protocols moving forward.”

Learn more about Rave Critical Communication and Collaboration Solutions.


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