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R&D head gives thumbs up to new keypad series

R&D head gives thumbs up to new keypad series Ben Abrams touts new features, sleek appearance of Honeywell’s 6100 Series Custom Alpha and Fixed-Language Keypads

MELVILLE, N.Y.—Ben Abrams, head of research and development for AFA Protective Systems, took one of Honeywell's new 6100 Series Custom Alpha and Fixed-Language Keypads home before they were released in November.

“It really is a nice-looking keypad and functionality wise, they certainly added a couple of things that its predecessor lacked,” Abrams told Security Systems News. “Honeywell is certainly looking to go to a new place where they haven't gone before and this keypad is just another step.”

Also, he said, he really likes the keypad's sleek appearance—it's compact, with rounded edges. “This keypad is in my kitchen and obviously a lot of people put a lot of money into their kitchen so they want it to look nice and I chose this keypad,” Abrams said. “… It looks beautiful as far as aesthetics go. This keypad is certainly visually appealing.”

Honeywell on Nov. 4 announced the release of the new keypads. The company said they will enable dealers to give customers a wider range of choices.

According to Abrams, to cut back on installation time, the keypads have a wiring port on the back, “so that the keypad can be removed with ease.”

In addition, the keypads feature VISTA Intelligent Programming (VIP), which Honeywell described as “an intuitive, menu-based programming option for the most common functions that helps reduce installation time and labor costs.” VIP is currently available with Honeywell's VISTA-20P control panels, the company said.

And while they occupy less wall space, the keypads in the series also have a display area that is 32 percent larger and bold fonts and graphic icons that are easier to read, a boon to the elderly and visually impaired, Honeywell said.

The function and arming keys are quick to set up and easier to use, the company said. Also, to address a range of homeowner budgets and varying installation needs, the new series affords a choice of voice, integrated RF or a hardwired zone, according to Honeywell.

AFA Protective is based in Syosset, N.Y. Established in 1873, it has offices along the East Coast and in the Southeast. Most of the company's work is commercial fire and security, but it has a growing presence in the residential security market.


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