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Recent calls and the new year

Recent calls and the new year

In the last couple weeks, I've talked to a lot of people about how things fared in 2014, and what their plans are for this brand new year. Two conversations in particular stand out to me.

Larry Halpern, president of Safe Systems, said the company is looking at how to service its continued growth, possibly through moving to a bigger facility. When I spoke with David Bitton, COO for Supreme Security Systems, he mentioned updating the company website.

It's a recurrent topic, but always interesting. This is even the question we've posed to our readers in the newest SSN News Poll, and one that I've enjoyed hearing about.

The last time SSN talked with Safe Systems was back in January of 2013, shortly after it acquired two Colorado-based companies.

Halpern told SSN that, because of its continued growth, Safe Systems is considering moving to a larger facility to accommodate its wealth of accounts.

There are no definite plans, according to Halpern, but it's something that may come up in mid- to late-2015. “This isn't something we can just jump into, it's got to be well planned. � We think out what we do and are diligent about the process to make sure we do it right,” Halpern said.

Safe Systems, established in 1982, is a full-service security company that monitors more than 10,000 accounts in the state of Colorado. About 70 percent of these accounts are commercial, and 30 percent are residential. Based in Louisville, Colo., the company of about 80 employees is actively looking for acquisitions, Halpern told Security Systems News. The company has also considered expanding with a new branch office in Denver.

Supreme Security Systems, family owned since its start in 1929, has around 7,000 accounts� 60 percent residential and 40 percent commercial—in and around New Jersey. Bitton mentioned that one of the company's upcoming plans is to launch a new website to be new, updated and more responsive.

“It's important to stay—and look—current,” Bitton said, “If it looks or feels like 1996 then that's the type of company [people] are going to think [they're] doing business with.”

Lately, I've been trying to hear from prominent businesses in the industry. If you have news about your central station, or would like to tell me about your company and how you do things, feel free to call me at any time at 207-846-0600, ext. 254.


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