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Remark Holdings Inc. to simplify AI-video analytics in partnership with AAEON

Remark Holdings Inc. to simplify AI-video analytics in partnership with AAEON

LONDON – Remark Holdings Inc. are looking to make the world of AI-driven video analytics easier in their newly announced partnership with with AAEON, a leader in AI-Edge computing.

The global tech company for AI-powered computer vision solutions signaled the importance of the partnership in providing market ready solutions for a variety of applications in smart city creation like public safety, situation awareness, and behavioral analysis.

"We are extremely excited about this partnership. Combining our AI-driven video analytics with AAEON's computing platforms creates a simplified solution for system integrators and end users. Together, we can easily create and deploy a complete vision system that detects, identifies, tracks, and characterizes objects, people, vehicles, and behaviors at scale and speed with actionable insights, with minimal false alerts," said Dr. Xiaoyun Yang, Director of R&D at Remark Holdings.

Remark’s platform generates real time security and safety alerts including: Intrusion / loitering / object / vehicle / trespassing detection, real-time people counting and crowd analysis, fire and smoke detection, and intelligent pre and post-forensic investigation using meta-data searches.

"Remark has been easy to work with, facilitating an 'easy install' video analytics solution that delivers accurate data at a low price point for end users. In addition, this deployment will lead to a flow of ideas to improve future computer vision applications, highlighting our ability to push the boundaries beyond what we originally thought possible," comments Iris Huang, Product Sales Manager SPD at AAEON.

Remark’s system will be on display at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Barcelona, Spain, from January 31st to February 3rd. For more information, please visit


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