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Schneider Electric integrators gain IT credibility with Cisco certification

Schneider Electric integrators gain IT credibility with Cisco certification Cisco branding Pelco Sarix cameras

CHICAGO—The increasing demand for integrators to be able to talk the talk with IT professionals prompted Schneider Electric to pursue Cisco Video Surveillance Authorized Technology Provider status for its integrators, the company announced on Sept. 29.

Increasingly, integrators are working directly with IT departments, rather than just security, to design solutions. Having Cisco training and certification not only improves the systems being designed, but also gives Schneider Electric's integrators further credibility in the IT world, said Jeff Drees, U.S. Country president for Schneider Electric, during an interview with Security Systems News at an event in Chicago on Sept. 28. “Integrators see a lot of value in that,” said Drees.

For example, during a large camera deployment project in Wilkes Barre, Pa. as part of a Safe City Initiative, Drees said Schneider was in discussion with the municipality's IT department. “We brought in our certified Cisco people who were talking to the IT folks and the decisions were made at the IT level, not security,” he said. “It becomes more of an IT discussion, than where to put cameras.”

Additionally, Cisco has begun branding Schneider Electric's Pelco Sarix cameras for its own integration channel. “This is good for Pelco in terms of volume and important for us to have the Cisco brand behind us,” said Drees.


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