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Seam announces integration with 2N intercoms

Seam announces integration with 2N intercoms

SAN FRANCISCO – Seam, a U.S.-based provider of a hardware agnostic access control platform, Seam, has announced the release of 2N intercom integration.

With this integration users can connect and control 2N intercoms and access systems to Seam's platform via their API and the Seam Space dashboard. They’ll be able to unlock doors, receive entry events, and edit the resident directory. “Most 2N intercom models come with a built-in camera,” Seam wrote. “Integration to the camera feed will be part of our broader Universal Camera API anticipated to be released later in Q3 of 2023.”

The integration works through the My2N cloud and clients will need credentials to both that and the on-premises unit being connected to. Once connected, parties can access features and eventually tap into the device’s camera feed (planned). Seam is planning to expand this integration over time and has provided a list of supported 2N devices for users online.

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