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Security Partners opens Advanced Services Division

Security Partners opens Advanced Services Division Demand for managed video and access control drives new offering

LANCASTER, Pa.—Security Partners, a wholesale monitoring company based here, has launched an Advanced Services Division to keep pace with market demand for managed video and access control and to boost RMR for dealers.

The new division has specially assigned monitoring operators, technical staff and salespeople who provide advanced video verification, video guard tours, video escorting, cloud video storage, remote access management, off-site data lockdown and access alarm response and supervision.

Michael Bodnar, president of Security Partners, said the Advanced Services initiative was nearly four years in the making as the company worked on getting the right technology and personnel in place.

“The obvious recognized need from our dealers and from the marketplace has really moved this along to the point where we needed to dedicate staff and resources to be a leader in this end of the business,” Bodnar told Security Systems News. “Driving our effort is the realization that we can add new RMR niches on behalf of our partners, our valued dealers.”

Bodnar said the division includes monitoring employees who are charged with providing a higher level of service for the company's dealers and their clients.

“It is so much more than just the processing of an alarm,” he said. “Our folks, when we receive an alarm, are opening up and looking into a facility. They need to quickly determine the threat level. They need to make snap decisions as to whether it's a voice-down to try to clear folks off the grounds, whether it's a dispatch, or whether there's a need to just reach out to our dealers and their subscribers in terms of the next steps in the [response] protocol.”

Andrew Stadler, a five-year Security Partners veteran, has been promoted from his role in business development to lead the new division.

“I started as an operator and advanced to dealer support, then business development, and found my niche with these advanced technological services,” Stadler said. “[We are] providing our dealers with mentorship as well as growing together in proving new RMR models.”

Bodnar said a lot of dealers were already taking advantage of Security Partners' advanced video, access control and personal safety services before the division was formally launched. Those dealers “have helped us refine the offering and frankly raised the level of service in this niche,” he said.

Security Partners also announced plans for its first dealer conference, to be held at its headquarters here from May 14-16. Open to all members of the company's network, it will include seminars, product manufacturers and networking.

“I am big on and committed to providing our dealers with educational opportunities and the tools to grow their businesses,” Bodnar said.


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