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Security & Safety Things’ COVID-10 retail video analytics solutions

Security & Safety Things’ COVID-10 retail video analytics solutions

MUNICH—Security & Safety Things GmbH (S&ST), along with its partners, is offering packages of smart security cameras and video analytic solutions designed to provide retailers with immediate solutions to practical challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To assist retailers with operating their shops in compliance with COVID-19 regulations, these packages will include test cameras running the S&ST operating system. Integrators and end-customers can choose and deploy AI applications on these cameras to address operational challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. These apps are offered by S&ST’s development partners. Uses for applications include occupancy management, face mask detection and social distancing monitoring. 

Link Analytic is offering Retail Flux, a real-time occupancy solution designed to limit risk of infection for shoppers and employees. SAIMOS has developed the SAIMOS Counting app that can be used to monitor multiple entrances and exits to track occupancy in real-time and manage visitor access through automated displays at entry points. SAIMOS also offers a feature for face mask detection in their counting app.

Geutebrück offers a face mask detection app that enables efficient monitoring of people to ensure compliance with prescribed hygiene concepts. This app is able to recognize if an individual is wearing a protective mask and instantly notifies unprotected persons to onsite staff or remote operators via a connected Video Management System. 

CVEDIA’s Talos Social Distancing app features a foot traffic algorithm designed to detect and analyze at-risk areas for physical distancing in corporate or public spaces. This app detects people and the distances between them, while providing additional visual analytics that allow companies to improve current COVID-19 practices. 


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