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SIA announces founding members of Utilities Advisory Board Steering Committee

SIA announces founding members of Utilities Advisory Board Steering Committee Board to offer insight on trends, regulatory compliance issues, and recommended practices to protect utility infrastructure

SIA announces founding members of Utilities Advisory Board Steering Committee

SILVER SPRING, Md.—The Security Industry Association (SIA) has announced the first members of its Utilities Advisory Board Steering Committee.

SIA created the Utilities Advisory Board to offer insight and education to security practitioners, members of the security industry and other stakeholders about emerging security trends, regulatory compliance issues, and recommended practices for protecting utility infrastructure.

The steering committee members, listed below, represent a broad range of expertise in the security industry.

  • Chair: Joey St. Jacques, ACRE
  • Vice Chair: David Lathrop, Unlimited Technology
  • Pierre Bourgeix, Butchko•ESI
  • Hyong Cho, RFI Communications and Security Systems
  • Jasvir Gill, AlertEnterprise
  • Scott Gross, Con Edison
  • Benji Hutchinson, Paravision
  • Dan Krantz, Secure Worker Access Consortium
  • Steve Lindsay, XTec
  • Harry Regan, SixtyBit Consulting
  • Patrick Simon, Beehive Technology Solutions
  • Steven Sinclair, Convergint
  • Dave Stolerow, Siemens
  • Nathan Vank, IronYun
  • Christopher Walcutt, DirectDefense
  • Gladys Wanyeki, Salto Systems
  • Linda Ziemba, AeroDefense

“We are excited to have such an extraordinary group of people leading the SIA Utilities Advisory Board,” SIA CEO Don Erickson said. “As part of the nation’s critical infrastructure, utilities have unique security challenges, and this esteemed group is extremely qualified to address those challenges.”

Chair Joey St. Jacques said he is honored to lead the group in its vital tasks of educating SIA membership while also helping to protect the utility sector through the delivery of high-quality information.

“I’m incredibly impressed with the expertise and unique value that each committee member brings to the table,” he noted. “Their energy, passion and knowledge is overwhelming. I look forward to the Utilities Advisory Board delivering valuable insights and guidance to SIA members and utility security practitioners.”

The SIA Utilities Advisory Board includes five subcommittees focused on cybersecurity, regulations, technology, security practitioners and partnerships. The subcommittee chairs are:

  • Cybersecurity Subcommittee: Patrick Simon, Beehive Technology Solutions
  • Regulations Subcommittee: Christopher Walcutt, DirectDefense
  • Technology Subcommittee: Jasvir Gill, AlertEnterprise
  • Security Practitioners Subcommittee: Steven Sinclair, Convergint
  • Partnerships Subcommittee: Pierre Bourgeix, ESI Convergent

Membership in the subcommittees is open to all utility security practitioners, SIA members and other interested parties, regardless of whether they are on the steering committee.

Anyone who is interested in participating can contact SIA Director of Industry Relations Ron Hawkins at


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