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SIAC to keep a closer eye on local governments

SIAC to keep a closer eye on local governments Partnership with Stateside Associates to assist goal

FRISCO, Texas—SIAC on Feb. 9 started working with Stateside Associates, a state and local government affairs firm, to monitor pending ordinances that could affect the security industry.

“For us, it's more of a safety net to ensure that we're able to effectively work with [potential] jurisdictions” before they pass a harmful ordinance instead of after, Stan Martin, executive director for SIAC told Security Systems News.

Stateside Associates will search for relevant developments in local and state governments then provide SIAC with a report.

“It is an additional expense for us but � it's so much harder and expensive to go back and try to fix [an ordinance] once it's in the process or already been voted on,” Martin said.

In the first two weeks, Stateside provided information on a couple of noteworthy items faster than they might usually come to SIAC, he said.

In addition, Ron Walters, director for SIAC, will be reaching out to keep ESA “in the loop” on important items brought up by Stateside, Martin said.

SIAC first discussed working with Stateside about a month ago, Martin said. It will use the service for three months and then review it, he said.

“We're not limited to just alarm ordinance activity. If there are any reports that are made to councils, [such as] agenda items on video or other aspects of security” Stateside can bring that to SIAC's attention as well, Martin said.


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