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Sonitrol, OzVision team for improved Sonovision

Sonitrol, OzVision team for improved Sonovision

CHICAGO—OzVision, at the Sonitrol National Dealer's Association Mid Year Conference in October, began touting a new and improved IP-based Sonovision, which takes Sonitrol's well-known audio-verification solution and adds hosted, IP-video from OzVision. It's the right solution at the right time, according to many.

Sonitrol of West Chicago is having luck with the new and improved IP-based Sonovision. “We've had OzVision for a while now, but now they've transitioned from dial-up to IP-based and we've transitioned with them,” said Sonitrol of West Chicago VP of operations Steve Hanzelin. “OzVision's HVR brings it all over broadband now, so you get better quality video and quicker response time to those alarms since it's not dial up, and it's hosted. It's a new, better way of doing this.”

According to OzVision global director of marketing Matt Riccoboni it's a combination that reacquaints many Sonitrol franchisees with OzVision's solutions at just the right time while delivering a powerful new tool.

“We're at the right place at the right time with the right product� The market is ready for hosted video services, and our new HVR platform is ideal for delivering those services at the right price and with the right feature set,” Riccoboni said. “The marriage between OzVision and Sonitrol only enhances the services that are available—OzVision having video is a pure compliment to the audio verification that is the cornerstone of the Sonitrol offering.”

Riccoboni said various Sonitrol franchises have at times offered OzVision solutions, but that OzVision and its improved functionality with many different central station automation platforms, its plug and play nature and robust cloud storage really got to entice new franchisees as well as old.

“Our whole concept is retain your investment,” Riccoboni said. “It's a very sophisticated system with a very simple interface that comes with a cost structure that is orders of magnitude less than other systems that purport to be top of the line, and you get all of it with the existing infrastructure.”

The Sonitrol National Dealer's Association Mid Year Conference took place at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas on Oct. 6 and 7.


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