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Speco Technologies outlines growth in 2021, excitement for 2022

Speco Technologies outlines growth in 2021, excitement for 2022

AMITYVILLE, N.Y.—Speco Technologies, a provider of the latest innovations in residential and commercial video surveillance, electronics accessories and audio products, recently detailed its growth in 2021 and excitement heading into 2022.

“For most, 2021 was a tumultuous year. COVID-19 was running rampant as we were introduced to multiple new variants. Through all the uncertainty, Speco Technologies remained committed to Giving You More,” the company stated. “Speco Technologies provided customers with premier products and services as well as making sure nothing fell through the cracks. We witnessed growth in both revenue as well as personnel and are using our momentum to carry over into 2022.”

During the past year, Speco Technologies introduced a collective of new products that provided customers with high-quality products as well as real-time solutions. Its advanced analytics and product set mesh seamlessly to provide the optimal user experience.

Speco Technologies also added a new segment in its product mix during 2021; NDAA-compliant products. The company worked diligently to make sure there was an abundance of NDAA-compliant products that satisfied every customer and every potential install. Specifically, Speco Technologies introduced two new NDAA-compliant recorders, the NRN and the HRN Series, as well as two new NDAA-compliant Zip Kits, ZIPK4N1 and ZIPK8N2.

“We are proud of the array of products that span this subset of our catalog and are excited to continue to expand our presence in the space,” the company noted.

In addition to introducing new products to the market, Speco Technologies boasted a substantial amount of inventory, ensuring that customers had flexibility in product selection while quoting potential installations. While many struggled keeping a consistent flow of inventory throughout 2021, Speco Technologies remained steadfast in making sure that every installation was supplied.

Throughout 2021, Speco Technologies was able to expand its team, making numerous hires in multiple different fields, including Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, and Tech Support.

“We are extremely grateful and excited to be able to expand our Speco Family when many industries were facing widespread job insecurity,” the company stated.

As Speco Technologies looks ahead to 2022, the company is “excited to move forward with the team we have assembled and are eager to add more qualified and excellent individuals in the future. We are also excited to release a multitude of different products ranging from IP video to access control and other functionalities.”

A few products Speco Technologies is “incredibly excited” to debut in 2022 are its White LED cameras, O5LB1 and O5LT1. These cameras come in both Bullet and Turret housing and are optimal for illuminating scenes with low light, providing a clear picture of the area or event occurring.

Additionally, Speco Technologies’ Digital Deterrent camera will be released in the early stages of 2022. This camera will feature an audio and visual deterrent to stop crime from occurring before it has a chance to take place. “Speco Technologies wants to be more than just a witness, we want to be a deterrent,” the company noted.

Overall, Speco Technologies was excited about last year’s growth and is looking forward to what awaits in the coming year. “As we reminisce on a great 2021, we are eagerly looking forward to continuing our momentum well into 2022 and beyond,” the company noted.


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