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SSN News Poll results reflect on Allied Universal report

SSN News Poll results reflect on Allied Universal report

SSN News Poll results reflect on Allied Universal report

YARMOUTH, Maine – Allied Universal’s World Security Report revealed some interesting predictions for the coming years following its release at GSX, and the November Security Systems News (SSN) News Poll has gauged readers' responses to those conclusions.

For our first question we asked readers, out of a sample of results from the report, which reveal shocked them the most. 62.50% voted that the stunningly high costs of physical security incidents (in excess of $1 trillion) was the most shocking, followed by 12.50% on the effects of climate change as a growing hazard. The remaining 25% of responses involved readers not being shocked, with one noting from the report that 88% said company leaders are more concerned with cybersecurity than physical security threats.

Next, the poll asked readers whether it agree with the reports assessment that saw 47% percent of CSO’s saying that economic unrest would be the greatest security-impacting hazard in the next 12 months, followed by climate change. Overwhelmingly, 87.50% of results agreed with the report in that respect, the remaining 12.50% weren’t sure whether that represented an accurate prediction.

The final question was the most divisive, as the report indicates up to 47% of CSO’s opting to invest in AI-powered surveillance in the next five years, we asked readers whether their company or organization would be making that investment. While not 47%, 37.50% said that yes, they would be. 25% said they would not. Another 37.50% weren’t sure, giving a solid maybe, and indicating that Allied Universal's report might be on the money when it comes to AI surveillance adoption rates.

That’s it for this month’s SSN News Poll. Next month we once again tackle the topic of artificial intelligence (AI), its usage and transparency, and whether or not AI proponents are moving too fast.


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