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Stallings alarm ordinance draft in the works

Stallings alarm ordinance draft in the works

STALLINGS, N.C.—A June 3 story from the Union County Weekly reports the Stalling Public Safety Advisory Committee has gone back to the drawing board to draft an ordinance to drive down false alarm calls.

Responding to these calls is exceedingly expensive, according to the town council, which noted fire trucks are a finite resource.

In drafting a potential ordinance, the committee sought the counsel of experts and worked closely with retired Charlotte-Mecklenburg Deputy Police Chief Glen Mowry, now a National Law Enforcement Liaison with the Security Industry Alarm Coalition. Council added that Mowry's input had been instrumental in crafting the ordinance.

In other towns, alarm ordinances require businesses and residences to register their alarms with the municipality. Once registered, it is possible to determine how many alarms exist and which have preponderance for false alarms. Many towns also work with alarm monitoring companies who have policies and procedures in place to help mitigate false alarms.

A work in progress, the ordinance was slated for council review in July.


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