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Stanley CSS partners with iris-scanning access control provider

Stanley CSS partners with iris-scanning access control provider Stanley and Hoyos announce deal at ISC West

LAS VEGAS—In a deal that Stanley Convergent Security Solutions says will expand its expertise in serving the government and financial sector, Stanley announced on April 6 at the ISC West International Conference & Exposition a partnership with Hoyos Corporation, a provider of iris-based biometric technology product solutions.

Tony Byerly, head of Stanley CSS Americas and UK, said Stanley is excited to have a technology that can come in and easily compete with the traditional card reader, and that will integrate with existing systems like Casi, Lenel, and ProWatch.

“The ability to be able to integrate it with a customer's existing access control platform is key,” Byerly said.

“From an identity management standpoint, this is where the industry is going and the reliability of this [biometric] technology as opposed to others is second to none,” he added. “The fact that it is commercially ready and technically viable is key to Stanley.” The Hoyos technology is currently installed in close to 1,000 locations in North America, said Hector Hoyos, executive chief officer of Hoyos.

Hoyos' technology includes proprietary cameras, lighting technology, chip-sets, and software and physical form factors for capturing iris data.

Stanley CSS now has exclusive rights to distribute Hoyos proprietary technology, products and solutions in the U.S. and Europe. Hoyos will transition its entire current global client base, including U.S. governmental agencies, foreign governments and large corporations and financial institutions to Stanley CSS for management.

Stanley said in a release that the partnership will enable it to better serve existing clients, especially in the government and financial sectors. For Hoyos, this partnership will provide resources to expand its portfolio of identity-based, biometric technology product solutions.


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