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Statewide Central Station adds Camect’s Smart Camera Hub to its product line

Statewide Central Station adds Camect’s Smart Camera Hub to its product line

NEW YORK—Monitoring services provider Statewide Central Station has announced the addition of Camect's AI-powered Smart Camera Hub to its product offerings.

“We constantly strive to bring the best products and services to our dealer network, and Camect's solution is no exception,” the company said. “With this partnership, we are providing our dealers with an affordable and reliable solution to eliminate the expensive problem of false alerts.”

StatewideAccording to Statewide Central Station, one of the major issues with traditional video verification security systems is low effectiveness. “However, with Camect's Smart Camera Hub, the end-user can rest assured that alerts from their security system will be over 99 percent accurate,” the company noted. “No more false alerts.”

Another common issue with traditional security systems is their complexity. The Camect device and Statewide Central Station have made it easy for dealers to upgrade existing systems or add it as an all-in-one solution.

“We understand dealers want a solution that is easy to use and implement, and Camect's Smart Hub delivers on that promise,” Statewide Central Station added. “Camect has set the standard for AI accuracy to ensure that their Smart Camera Hub delivers precisely what the end-user seeks, giving them peace of mind. The device is affordable, and its advanced AI technology helps eliminate false alarms/alerts.

Reducing false alarms is the fastest way to reduce costs at central stations. Upgrading with Camect creates more time and money for dealers, leading to better customer satisfaction for end users.

“Camect stands out above and beyond every AI company claiming to be the best, because they are actually the best. Camect is structured to ensure dealers make money while offering superior product results,” said Statewide Central Station Co-President Steven Coppola.

Statewide Central Station has made it easy for dealers to start using the Camect Smart Hub. The company has created a quick and easy start-up process where experts guide you through the entire installation, from planning to implementation. No new camera is needed, and no holes or wires are involved. This plug-and-play option will have you up and running in under an hour. It is a solution that addresses many of the hurdles traditional video verification security systems face. The ease of use, affordability, and effectiveness of the Camect Smart Hub makes it an excellent choice for dealers who want to provide their customers with the best security solution possible, according to the company.

From the start of 2023, Statewide Central Station has made Camect's Smart Hub available to its vast dealer network nationwide, providing dealers with a superior product that offers growing recurring monthly revenue. For more information on Statewide Central Station, please visit

To learn more about Camect's AI-powered smart camera hubs, please visit


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