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Stealth Monitoring goes international with Canadian client

Stealth Monitoring goes international with Canadian client

DALLAS—Stealth Monitoring has grown from one client in 2006—a local scrap metal yard—and one trained operator live monitoring the camera feed to more than 1,500 cameras today and 15 trained operators. And it also has just made the move to international status with the addition of a Canadian dealer client.

“About four months ago, we got our first client in Canada, an established integrator who installed IP PTZ's at a tire distributor—and we're watching them and all their outdoor assets,” said Rick Charney, Stealth sales manager, who was featured in SSN's 2010 20 under 40.

“The integrator was working with a Canadian monitoring center on an event basis, and they just weren't effective. They called us in Dallas from a small town outside Alberta, Calgary and now we're watching their site live every night through the Internet with no lag. It's been a good way for us to get into this market.”

Charney said Stealth also has had preliminary discussions with an established Toronto-area service reseller who has many virtual guard applications with Stealth's services in mind.

Charney said the plan was to continue the company's steady growth with the same focus on service and cutting edge technology. “We've been around since December of 2006. We had one scrap metal client—we still have him as a client today and we watch five other properties for him as well. We don't lose customers,” Charney said. “We've had about a 98% retention rate. We're a growing business with clients from California to Washington D.C. and now we can say we're truly international, with a Canadian client. But there's still a long way to go. We're hiring retired police officers to monitor and developing and integrating best-of-breed applications to add to our robust platform. As we add more cameras, we have to add more people and more works stations and grow accordingly.”


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