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Stockton, Calif. calls on alarm industry to help amend false alarm ordinance

Stockton, Calif. calls on alarm industry to help amend false alarm ordinance

STOCKTON, Calif.--The city of Stockton in late March worked with the alarm industry to amend its false alarm ordinance.

According to SIAC industry/law enforcement liaison Jon Sargent the industry “worked on this cooperatively with Stockton Police through the Greater Valley and California Alarm Associations.”

According to the city's website, alarm owners must purchase an alarm permit before they install or use an alarm system. The initial permit fee is $55. The permit fee helps pay the costs associated with the Alarm Reduction Program, which has been established to help reduce false alarms within the city.

Businesses must renew their permits on an annual basis, and homeowners must renew their permits every three years. The renewal fee for permits that expire on December 31, 2010, is $25

Alarm owners with a chronic false alarm problem may be placed on the police department's non-response list, or have their alarm permit revoked.

Operating an alarm without a permit may result in a fee of $267.

An $80.00 service fee will be charged each time a keyholder fails to respond to the alarm location within 20 minutes of notification.

An $85 service fee will be charged for each alarm activation made, if an emergency does not exist. Emergency for the purposes of this chapter means the commission of a felony crime.

The schedule of fees are as follows: Alarm users will be charged $85 for each false alarm in excess of two in any consecutive 90-day period.


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