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Strategic Security likes the simplicity of cloud

Strategic Security likes the simplicity of cloud When you talk total cost of ownership 'a case can be made for cloud'

RALEIGH, N.C.—As Strategic Security managing partner Jay Slaughterbeck makes plans to grow his business and expand geographically, he's undertaken an initiative to expand his cloud services.

“I personally would like to see everything in the cloud for the sake of RMR,” Slaughterbeck said. “[With cloud you're] able to offload that hardware and operating system maintenance and it makes life simpler for everyone.”

Slaughterbeck said he's a newer convert to cloud. “I sold against [managed services-type systems] for the majority of my career,” he said. But cloud technology has evolved to the point where he's comfortable that it “is a safe option, and it offers system access without elaborate VPN [procedures]. Being able to access your security system from the beach is attractive to anyone.”

Strategic Security, based here, has 12 employees and is the subsidiary of Strategic Connections, which does AV, fire alarm, phone systems and structured wiring. As a result, Strategic Security has ready access to its parent company's technicians. It also derives sales leads from its parent company.

Slaughterbeck co-founded Strategic Security in 2011. This year, he expects to hit $5 million in sales and plans to continue the company's expansion into Winston-Salem and Charlotte.

“My philosophy is to stick to our core competency and grow geographically,” he said.

“About 60 percent of what we do is access control and the other 40 percent is CCTV, intercom and light intrusion,” Slaughterbeck said. His company places a priority on integrating all of the security systems so customers “get more bang for the buck.”

Cloud technology means getting more bang for the buck as well, he said. However, the sale of cloud technology is different than traditional video or access sales, he said.

“You've got to talk about total cost of ownership. When you talk about the cost of server maintenance, operating system [upgrades], the power and the personnel it takes to maintain [traditional systems], a valid case for cloud can be made,” he said.

Strategic Security works with an number of cloud providers including Brivo, Feenics, and BluB0X.


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