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SureView partners with HID Global to offer Access Control Management Module

SureView partners with HID Global to offer Access Control Management Module

TAMPA, Fla.—SureView Systems on Aug. 24 announced a partnership with HID Global to offer a turn-key, hosted, Web-based access control services solution for central stations, security integrators and dealers. The system utilizes SureView's Immix platform with HID Global's OPINEdge IP and VertX controllers, to create the Access Control Management Module. The Access Control Management Module affords dealers the opportunity to manage access, video and alarm services for their customers through a single operator interface and maintain customer data in a single integrated database.

Central stations utilizing the Access Control Management Module include Viewpoint CRM in Lowell, Mass., UCC in San Antonio, Texas, and Lafayette, La.-based Acadian Monitoring Services.

SureView EVP of sales Matt Krebs said the partnership with HID would open up a new level of RMR for dealers and central stations. “When it comes to access control, we've been doing it for quite some time in the form of being able to monitor access control systems for event notification,” Krebs said. “What we bring to the table with HID is we can now push out hosted and managed access control services for access control as a service for customers who don't want to necessarily invest the overhead dollars in the access control platforms on their site. They don't want to put the servers and the PCs onsite. They just want to hang the intelligent readers and locks and walk away, and have a central station to manage it for them It's a great source of RMR.”

HID's Edge IP controller leverages the existing network infrastructure, supports PoE, as well as traditional power supply architecture, and creates better ROI, according to HID Global director, Installation Channel, Networked Access Solutions and manager of national accounts Paul Iverson. “HID's network access solutions are an open architecture hardware group comprising our VertX control panel and our Edge single door IP controller. We are not dependent on any one access control software package to support our hardware, so it's non-proprietary,” Iverson said. “As far as dealers are concerned, it's a new model for access control, eliminating the head end infrastructure at the customer site—the dedicated PC, the software and the person who needs to take on the responsibility to learn how to use that software—and offers dealers a recurring revenue model for access control and provides, simply, a hosted back end service and/or a managed service for end user customers.”

Viewpoint CRM VP of channel sales and marketing Mike Hanlon said the SureView/HID solution was exciting news. “Viewpoint is excited with companies like HID coming out with a product that is geared toward a managed services offering,” Hanlon said. “We are a service provider that will stand up and recommend to our integrators and end users the best product available without any allegiance to the manufacturer that's financing my company Services are a long-term offering. People—security directors and end users alike—want to know that if something better comes along they're going to have that available to them. They don't like proprietary. That's why this whole push to open source is such a big thing.”


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