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Telular launches new dealer initiative

Telular launches new dealer initiative Telguard Advantage Program helps installers break the POTS habit

PITTSBURGH—Telular at the ESX show here launched a new dealer program exclusively focused on giving security dealers the tools to break their dependence on landlines for a profitable, wireless business.

According to Telular VP marketing Shawn Welsh, the program will be beneficial to dealers in an era of disappearing landlines. “You'll remember with the analog sunset a lot of independent dealers—the small to medium independents—were caught more off guard than a lot of the larger guys,” Welsh said. “With this migration away from landlines—and also the AT&T news that they're looking to sunset traditional lines—we wanted to get a program in place now to really help independent dealers get ready for this transition. One in four houses already are cell-only. That means a quarter of these dealer's potential customers are going to need services like this.”

The Telguard Advantage Program offers marketing assistance and volume discounts that allow security dealers to competitively offer alternatives to landlines without sacrificing profit margins. The program also leverages national research and advertising for local impact. Its membership levels are designed to be easy to achieve and maintain without penalizing low sales volumes.

The program had its launch at ESX and Welsh said simple online registration would continue thereafter. “Dealers can just go to and that's it,” he said. “We wanted there to be no barriers.”

Welsh said all security dealers are welcome to enroll in the Telguard Advantage Program. Telguard's only requirement for enrollment is that they create a Telguard Online account. After that, the dealer is in control of the benefits available to them. Membership levels are based on the number of Telguard activations over the previous 12 months. More Telguard activations mean greater benefits. Telguard combines devices, communications and alarm processing into a turnkey system for monitoring intrusion and fire systems through a GSM pathway.


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