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Two Great Causes, One Great Day

Two Great Causes, One Great Day

Two Great Causes, One Great Day

Networking. Partnering. Getting together. Having fun. Showing support.

Those were some of the thoughts swirling in my head as I got in the car with my kids and headed up the Palisades Parkway on Saturday, Dec. 11, destination - Stony Point, N.Y.

It was a dreary day outside, but we knew that once we arrived at Kirkbride Hall, the site of the first Moms in Security/Mission 500 Cornhole Tournament, the community venue would be filled with bright and cheery faces as we got ready for a fun afternoon of cornholing.

Cornholing? What’s that, you may ask? Very simply, it’s tossing, or attempting to toss beanbags into a hole. Yes, there is a science to cornholing, or so I’ve been told, and cornholing has grown into a phenomenon to such an extent that ESPN dedicates programming time to cornhole tournaments.

The idea of gathering security professionals together for a fun afternoon of cornholing, and supporting two great causes, led to this joint fundraiser for Moms in Security and Mission 500.

I’ve written about the four amazing ladies behind Moms in Security Global Outreach - Elisa Mula, Founder, EM Designs (EMD), LLC; Min Kyriannis, CEO, Amyna Systems; Antoinette King, PSP, DPPS, SICC, Founder, Credo Cyber Consulting, LLC; and Janet Fenner, President, Defined Marketing – on numerous occasions, not only for their incredible professional accomplishments in the security industry, but also for their tireless efforts in eliminating human trafficking.

As I’ve gotten to know these women a lot better over the past several months, meeting them in person for the first time at their charity golf outing in June, having lunch with them in recent months, and happily writing about their professional achievements on the pages of Security Systems News, I not only consider them colleagues, but also proud to call them friends. The sky’s the limit with these four ladies as they continue on their journeys in the security industry, and it will be our pleasure to continue writing about their collaborative efforts as Moms in Security, as well as their accomplishments in running their own security companies. You ladies rock!

Getting back to the cornhole tournament itself, 24 teams participated, made up of security industry personnel from the likes of sponsors such as Milestone Systems, Securitas, LRG Communications, Engineered Security Systems, and the New York Yankees, as well as friends and family of those who played.

The team names themselves were memorable, to say the least, including some that are not suitable for print, but some of the names that I can mention included Pecan Sandies, Kingpins, and Double Trouble (for my 12-year-old twins).

I had the pleasure of teaming with Elisa in the cornhole tournament, and we had loads of fun competing as Team TCS. (Quick explanation – TCS is the name of a sandwich from one of our favorite delis in Queens, Cherry Valley, and is made up of melted mozzarella, chicken cutlet, and brown gravy. Yummo!).

Now while I may have let Team TCS down, going cold after getting my first two shots in the hole (Sorry, Elisa), it was not about winning or losing on Saturday. Elisa summed up what the event was really about when asked to give her thoughts on seeing such a great turnout at the cornhole event.

“Moms in Security is grateful for the opportunity to have partnered with Mission 500 for such a fun event,” she told me. “Our goals for helping children are aligned and we get to work with another great organization that is doing good in the world. The fact that we can really make a difference for children in need, we get the support of the security community, and we have some amazing women leading the charge, makes it even more special.”

Antoinette, who competed with her husband as the Kingpins, fittingly, noted how inclusive the tournament was, having friends and family compete alongside industry folks.

“The Mission 500/Moms in Security cornhole tournament was so much fun,” she said. “The best part for me was that this was not just an event for security professionals, but it was also a family affair. So many attendees brought their spouses and children. It was a ‘feel-good’ vibe for an amazing cause. It was an honor to be a part of it.”

Min pointed out how fundraising events like the cornhole tournament support the Moms in Security mission.

“Moms in Security’s goal is to bring awareness to the crisis that is on hand,” she noted. “To be working with these amazing women is an honor. Every little bit counts and what’s more, bringing awareness is a benefit!”

Janet, whose husband Greg teamed with Ken Frattini of Millburn Public Schools, N.J., to win the inaugural cornhole event, was excited about the new blood who supported the tournament.

“We saw new sponsors and new faces which really helped make this event amazing,” Fenner said. “It was truly so much fun to see the teams networking with one another and the fun rivalry the games brought. Everyone was so into it, and the fact that they brought friends and family made it that much more rewarding. High five for Mission 500 and Moms in Security for pulling off an event that will be in the books every year!”

How successful was the cornhole tournament? Mission 500 announced that more than $15,000 was raised to support victims of human trafficking and children in need. Congrats to both organizations on a job well done!

“Thank you to our incredible sponsors, players, and volunteers for making the Mission 500 and Moms in Security Cornhole Tournament a success!” Mission 500 Chairman Ken Gould said.

A success indeed, Ken! When you have two great organizations collaborate for their respective causes, and add in networking and having fun, that is a recipe for success.

We thank Moms in Security and Mission 500 for allowing us to participate on Saturday.

This event was not about how many beanbags you could toss into a hole; it was all about supporting two great causes. At the end of the day, we were all winners.


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