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Under vehicle surveillance – reducing security breaches using undercarriage technology

Under vehicle surveillance – reducing security breaches using undercarriage technology

Under vehicle surveillance – reducing security breaches using advanced undercarriage technology

YARMOUTH, Maine—With the threat of domestic terrorism that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) mitigates 24/7/365, along with other constant threats such as theft, narcotics possession, and weapons possession, the undercarriage of a vehicle could also be seen as a threat to security and safety.

After all, explosives, weapons, narcotics, and other contraband could strategically be hidden under vehicles, and in today’s world, it is imperative that we are protected against these undercarriage threats using enhanced security measures. That is where Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS) come into play, providing a critical role in the safety of human life and infrastructure.

Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS) are intended to provide fast and effective scrutiny of the undercarriage of a vehicle. Security professionals deployed at important entry points of buildings and other strategic and highly sensitive areas, such as border crossings, airports, embassies, sporting events, parking facilities, college campuses, government agencies and military bases, are tasked with inspecting and screening the underside of cars, trucks, buses, trailers and trains in order to ensure that these vehicles do not pose any sort of threat.

Although manual inspections of vehicles by security guards have been the norm for decades, domestic and global threats have evolved over time, and the technology utilized by terrorists and others engaged in criminal acts has evolved as well. As a result, the technology utilized in the area of undercarriage inspections has had to evolve as well to counteract the sophisticated technology used by terrorists and other evil doers.

Camera-based UVSS systems can now automatically capture complete images of every vehicle’s undercarriage so threats could be easily identified and analyzed. By utilizing these advanced systems, every vehicle entering a facility that contains sensitive data or has increased security needs does not have to be subject to ineffective manual inspections, instead implementing artificial intelligence-backed security systems, which allows security personnel to focus on vehicle interiors, passenger behaviors, and other factors.

Accurate and Efficient Screening

One of the advanced UVSS systems on the market today is the SecurOS UVSS, developed by Woodbridge, N.J.-based Intelligent Security Systems (ISS). This hardware-software based system was first introduced about two years ago and has continued to evolve since, according to ISS CEO Aluisio Figueiredo.

“The SecurOS UVSS was developed in response to the demand from border crossing, critical infrastructure, correctional facilities, refineries, and government buildings for a more accurate and efficient way to screen vehicles upon entry to a property or physical facility,” Figueiredo told Security Systems News. “We developed SecurOS UVSS with a unique combination of imaging hardware and intelligent analytics that captures images of the entire underbody of a vehicle and analyzes the image data to detect anomalies such as explosives or even contraband.”

The SecurOS UVSS features a compact design that measures just over 4.5 inches high, allowing for extremely low-vehicle clearance. According to Figueiredo, the unit’s low profile and light weight also makes installation easy and virtually portable, enabling mobile deployment to accommodate special events that require heightened security. The unit is also designed to withstand loads of up to 40 tons, making it suitable for any commercial application where heavy vehicles like trucks and buses may be in use.

Figueiredo also noted the various applications where the UVSS is featured. “The SecurOS UVSS is extremely versatile with the accuracy, ruggedness and mobility ideally suited for deployment in myriad applications, ranging from parking facilities to corporate and educational campuses and even homeland security at the border or government and military installations,” he said.

Technology in Play  

The CEO explained how the technological features of the SecurOS allow for threats to be easily identified and analyzed with high precision.

“When a vehicle drives over the SecurOS UVSS, its high-resolution machine vision camera automatically captures an image of the entire vehicle’s undercarriage as it passes over the camera,” he explained. “The image data is then processed via the unit’s controller using advanced analytics built on Intel’s Artificial Neural Network technology to detect and analyze possible anomalies.

“When an anomaly is detected, the system automatically triggers notifications via the system’s embedded SecurOS video management platform. Additionally, the system employs highly advanced License Plate Recognition (LPR) analytics capable of identifying numbers, symbols and images, making it uniquely capable of recognizing foreign license plates.  All of this data is automatically stored in the system’s SecurOS video management software.”

In regard to License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Automatic Number-Plate Recognition (ANPR) hardware/software that the UVSS features, Figueiredo pointed out that the SecurOS Auto License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR) solution embedded in the UVSS provides a number of advantages for end users, including the ability to accurately capture license plate information at 155 mph (250 km/h) and in all kinds of weather conditions, including fog, rain and snow.

“The analytics employ advanced deep learning and template-based algorithms to provide pinpoint accuracy that distinguish letters from numbers, which is a crucial advantage for moving vehicles,” he added. “SecurOS Auto also supports license plates from most countries worldwide and integrates easily with third-party parking management or smart roadway systems, as well as legacy security equipment and external databases.”

Having UVSS systems installed on the undercarriage of vehicles is extremely advantageous when seeking a convenient and more complete security option for vehicle monitoring, Figueiredo said. 

“The SecurOS UVSS is a cost-effective compact solution for visual inspection of all types of vehicles, from passenger vehicles to trucks,” he noted. “It is perfect for government, military, corporate, and transportation facilities – wherever visual inspection must be performed, providing an added layer of automated security where none previously existed. This dramatically improves situational awareness while adding a highly efficient incident prevention measure to any facility’s security arsenal.”


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