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'Unified and stronger' - The War in Israel: Around the security industry

'Unified and stronger' - The War in Israel: Around the security industry

“Unified and Stronger”-The War in Israel: Around the Security Industry

YARMOUTH, Maine – As war rages in the Middle East, Security Systems News (SSN) has reached out to members in the security industry to gauge its impact.

More than a nexus of conflict, Israel is a key figure in the international security community with many companies based there representing key verticals from access control and cybersecurity, to defense oriented technologies. On Oct. 7, 2023, an armed conflict began when Palestinian militants led by political and military organization Hamas launched attacks killing at least 1,400 civilians and leading to the kidnapping of many more. Israeli retaliation began shortly afterwards.

While the violence continues in Israel, members of the security industry have voiced their concerns, their support, and their situations during this current escalation.

“The Security Industry Association (SIA) strongly condemns the horrific acts of terror that continue to be perpetrated against innocent Israeli citizens,” Don Erickson, CEO of SIA wrote while addressing its members. “Our security community is bound together by the principles of safety, security, and justice and an unwavering moral commitment to oppose the senseless persecution of citizens anywhere in the world. We deeply regret the loss of any innocent lives.”

He added, “We agonize for those Israelis who have suffered tremendously and who mourn for their friends and families terrorized by these evil acts. In the near future, with guidance from our government, SIA will identify ways to encourage SIA members and the industry to support humanitarian efforts to provide comfort to those experiencing such unspeakable pain.”

Steve Jones, Allied Universal Global Chairman and CEO issued the following statement to SSN, “It is always disheartening to witness violent and tragic world events. While I’m not personally experiencing what is unfolding in Israel, I have a great amount of empathy and reflection. In the aftermath of 9/11, I realized that the damage done to a nation of people is not limited to the loss of lives and destruction of property. The damage ravages on as an emotional wound. To survive and thrive, people must feel safe and secure in their environment. Safety is a basic human need. In the days, weeks and months ahead, I hope that a feeling of safety can be restored.”

Some members of the community expressed their concerns with calls for aid, as with DICE Corporation’s Co-President Avi Lupo. “Those who know me, know how connected I am to Israel and how the horrible attacks have left me devastated. What you may not remember is that there is an even deeper connection from my days with OzVision. The company is located on the Kibbutz Nahal Oz, just across from Gaza. As you saw on the news, the kibbutz was hit hard with brutal killings and kidnappings of children, women, and senior citizens. Homes were destroyed.”

Lupo adds, “Although I now live in the United States, my heart and soul are in Israel.”

At least one monitoring group has also been actively assisting with evacuation efforts in the region as well. "As the situation continues to unfold in the Middle East, our 24/7 Operations Center team is actively working with our on-the-ground teams to execute evacuations of our client base in Israel and the surrounding regions,” Global Guardian wrote on LinkedIn.

SSN also reached out to Israeli companies to see how they’re faring in the current conflict. "We would like to thank our customers for the many notes of concern and support that they have shared,” wrote AU10TIX’s CEO, Dan Yerushalmi. “We are monitoring the situation in Israel with our employees in mind, and supporting them in every way possible. Even though some of our employees are on active duty, AU10TIX's business and service level is not affected and we continue to maintain our high standards. We will prevail and emerge unified and stronger."

SSN will continue to monitor the conflict as it pertains to the security industry. Avi Lupo provided the following link for parties interested in donating to the restoration of Nahal Oz,


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