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UPS security officer helps deliver baby

UPS security officer helps deliver baby

SAN DIEGO—Juan Delgado, a transit systems security officer employed by Universal Protection Service, found himself applying his emergency training skills to help a women deliver her baby, according to a company statement.

While Delgado and his code compliance partner Patricia Alamillo were on patrol at the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, they encountered a pregnant woman who was in labor and in need of medical assistance. The pair called central control and requested paramedics, but it soon became clear that the woman would not be able to wait for the emergency services to arrive.

Delgado and Alamillo then used their emergency training skills to assist the woman in the delivery of her child.

Delgado received a letter of commendation from his superiors at MTS, and he will also receive an award and further recognition from Universal Protection Service, the statement noted.


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