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VideoIQ Integrates with SoftwareHouse

VideoIQ Integrates with SoftwareHouse Principals tout advantages for multi-site businesses

BEDFORD, Mass.—In a union that principals expect will be particularly useful for multiple-site businesses that want to add a single camera or a small number of them to their existing access control systems, VideoIQ on May 24 announced an integration with SoftwareHouse CCURE 9000, a security and event management system.

VideoIQ, based here, is a venture-backed producer of IP cameras and encoders with on-board storage and built-in self-calibrating analytics.

SoftwareHouse, part of Tyco Security Products, is based nearby in Westford, Mass. The close proximity of the businesses enabled engineers from both shops to work closely to “achieve a very tight integration,” Scott Schnell, CEO of VideoIQ, told Security Systems News. It was good on the technical side and for helping us understand what customers wanted,” he said.

“What's new here is a first-time integration between intelligent video at the edge and storage at the edge and leading access control,” Schnell said. “And all of the real-time functions of both systems are available on a common console,” he continued. The console has high functionality, but it does not require much additional training for users, Schnell explained.

The integration allows users to view, search, and play back video from each VideoIQ camera or encoder's full, onboard NVR directly from the CCURE 9000 monitoring station interface. They can also receive advanced, real-time alerts from VideoIQ's adaptive analytics.

Schnell highlighted three key benefits: analytic events trigger the scripting engine within CCURE; low infrastructure requirements (i.e., no need for a DVR/NVR and the expensive ancillary building systems that go along with it); and a single console for live functions.

Warren Brown, director of product management for Tyco Security Products, said that while the integration is great for small and large sites, there is particular demand among CCURE customers who have multiple small sites. These customers would like to add video to these multiple sites, but they don't want to spend thousands of dollars. “This offers more flexibility, and a lower-cost option for our CCURE customers who want to upgrade and integrate video, and when you layer on the intelligent analytics as well you start to see applications in [for example] outdoor ATM bank lobbies ... it targets a real customer need we haven't already filled with current integrations with CCURE,” he said.


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