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Videoloft offers free trial of new cloud video analytics technology

Videoloft offers free trial of new cloud video analytics technology

Videoloft offers free trial of new cloud video analytics technology

ABINGDON, U.K.—CCTV cloud storage provider, Videoloft, is adding a new video analytics feature to its software platform and giving security professionals an exclusive free trial.
The technology adds object detection and text recognition to even basic CCTV systems, converting them into intelligent ones, negating the need for expensive hardware upgrades or enterprise video management software, Videoloft said.

The cloud-based video analytics run entirely on Videoloft’s platform. There is no need for cameras or recorders to have inbuilt analytics. All that’s required is a plug and play Videoloft Cloud Adapter.

“The security industry is quickening its cloud adoption. Cloud based platforms like Netflix and Spotify have revolutionized their respective markets by providing easy one-stop access to content,” James West, CEO & co-founder of Videoloft, said in the announcement. “With new technologies such as Videoloft cloud analytics, the future of security being cloud-based seems inevitable.”

Videoloft’s cloud video analytics technology identifies people, vehicles, machinery, clothing, safety equipment and wildlife. Its sophisticated text recognition reads license plates, vehicle signage, clothing labels and any other text seen by the camera.
A common security professional complaint is how long it takes to find specific footage. Videoloft’s analytics technology makes it quick and easy to search and analyze recorded video to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for.
Applications are incredibly broad, from the online shopper keeping an eye on their shopping deliveries to the site manager who needs confirmation that every construction worker is wearing a hardhat.
To trial the feature contact: A free trial is available until January 2021, after which time the feature will be available as an add-on to existing cloud recording plans.


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