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Vintra integrates AI-powered video analytics with Genetec's Security Center platform

Vintra integrates AI-powered video analytics with Genetec's Security Center platform

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Vintra, maker of video analytics powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, announced their proprietary FulcrumAI deep learning video analytics solution is integrated with Genetec Security Center to deliver real-time, total-environment intelligence from any camera source, fixed or mobile.

Having built FulcrumAI from the ground up, Vintra has optimized its machine learning models to take advantage of the latest GPU hardware and acceleration techniques. The solution can be deployed to augment enterprise-grade security, safety, and productivity needs and scenarios.

As cameras continue to get smaller, better and more cost effective and surveillance goes mobile through the deployment of drones, dashcams and bodycams, organizations are faced with an overwhelming amount of video data. FulcrumAI analyzes video data streaming from fixed and mobile cameras via SDK integration with Genetec's Security Center platform. Users can create and activate real-time rules for objects and face recognition-powered block lists from a tab with Genetec's software. Alarms and alerts generated by real-time rules are received in Security Desk's Alarm Monitoring task and are handled identically alongside any other alarms received by the systems. Users can also quickly search video from fixed cameras, PTZs, body cameras, drones, dash cameras and mobile phones. Additionally, alarms can be set and searched for on a growing list of descriptive attributes of objects, such as people and vehicles, and within specific camera zones of interest. Relevant detections can then be saved for investigative case reporting purposes.

“The integration of Vintra's FulcrumAL with Security Center can help prevent potentially harmful events from unfolding and know exactly where those might occur, delivering fast and accurate results as well as timely situational awareness,” Jordan Jaumeau, director of development partnerships at Genetec, said in an announcement. “The integration leverages Genetec Security Center UI, allowing Security Center operators to gather intelligence and make decisions using their familiar Genetec environment.”

Patrick Vermont, director of product, Vintra, said that they are excited to be working with Genetec. “Deep learning, neural, network-based analytics provide proactive prevention, increased situational awareness and post-event video forensics to enterprise, public safety and transport customers. This integration means measurably better security outcomes, a reduction in operational costs and an increase in employee productivity for forward-looking organizations that are operationalizing AI today.”


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