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Vivotek consolidates new products for AI Security business

Vivotek consolidates new products for AI Security business

YARMOUTH, Maine – IP surveillance solution provider Vivotek has announced the integration of its new products in expanding its AI security business.

Through proactive expansion Vivotek says that its building more comprehensive AI security solutions for its customers. Market research suggests that the AI hardware, software, and service markets will exceed $300 billion USD by 2026 Vivotek said, with their push expansion mirroring a rapidly growing AI security market.

“The rapidly changing situations in the world have made people’s safety needs more diverse,” said Louis Liao, Director of Product Planning at VIVOTEK. “Thus, we need smarter security solutions. To respond to market trends more rapidly and seize the business opportunities in the smart surveillance market, VIVOTEK has launched a series of new-generation products since last year, such as the smart cloud-based surveillance service, Vortex, and the recent VAST Security Station (VSS); moreover, these new products are horizontally integrated through AI technology, utilizing smart surveillance technology to upgrade efficiency of corporate operations and meet customers’ expectations for AI security applications.”

Vivotek said their AI security solutions make use of edge computing to enhance image searching speed and precision, and trajectory integrity that gives traditional surveillance services new scope in their application. Seizing on available opportunities Vivotek is introducing AI analysis and edge computing to its new products and services, horizontally connecting its two flagship products of smart cloud-based surveillance service VORTEX and VSS. This will be their first venture into the SaaS subscription market.

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