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Warren County redesigns false alarm response

Warren County redesigns false alarm response

WARRENTON, N.C.--The Warren Record reported a new county law that went into effect Feb. 16 could start costing you money if you have an alarm system.

Under the false alarm ordinance adopted earlier this month by the county commissioners, Warren County fire departments and Emergency Services will provide a maximum of two free false alarm responses to alarm users in each calendar year.

Additional false alarms responded to may be charged a user fee. In addition, the ordinance makes it illegal for anyone to activate an alarm without just cause.

Fees charged for false alarms over two per calendar year are $50 each for alarms three through five and $100 each for alarm responses over five.

Alarm users will have 72 hours to appeal to the Warren County fire marshal if they feel their alarm was justified. The fire marshal's decision is final.

All alarm users started with zero alarm responses as of Feb. 16, the date the ordinance went into effect.


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