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Wrongly placed dorm fire devices trigger nuisance alarms

Wrongly placed dorm fire devices trigger nuisance alarms

CHICO, Calif.—About 105 fire alarms have been triggered this academic year at an off-campus cluster of residences near Chico State University, according to an article from The Orion, the university's student-run newspaper.

At University Village, where many students live, 514 fire alarm devices were installed in 28 of the buildings as part of a modernization project, according to the university's housing and food service assistant director, cited in the article. The devices were installed too close to restrooms, the article noted, causing some of the devices to be activated by shower steam.

Most of the calls coming from University Village were characterized as nuisance alarms, not malfunctioning alarms. The devices were recently moved to a more suitable location to reduce false activations, according to the article.


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