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ZeroEyes A.I. platform integrated at Clovis Municipal School District

ZeroEyes A.I. platform integrated at Clovis Municipal School District

ZeroEyes A.I. platform integrated at Clovis Municipal School District

PHILADELPHIA – A.I. gun detection platform ZeroEyes adds another school district under the wing of its video analytics security software.

New Mexico’s Clovis Municipal Schools (CMS) has chosen ZeroEyes A.I.-based gun detection platform to proactively protect the students and faculty in their district. ZeroEyes is the only such product with the distinction of holding the U.S. Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Designation, and with its software alerts can be dispatched to first responders as soon as 3-5 seconds following weapons detection.

"Our most important job is to keep children safe in school, and we have put in place a number of solutions to ensure that, in the case of an active shooter event, first responders will arrive on-site and defuse the situation as quickly as possible to save lives,” said Loran Hill, director of operations for CMS. “ZeroEyes provides a critical proactive component to any layered security portfolio, which have traditionally been reactive. Many district decision makers across the country have been discussing reactive post-gunshot detection, but I have always been more interested in proactive, pre-gunshot detection and real-time actionable intelligence, which is where ZeroEyes excels.”

CMS in total contains 12 elementary, three middle, and three high schools. It’s investment into its safety and security posture exceeds the guidelines established in New Mexico’s Safe Schools plan. Most recently ZeroEyes has been employed by United Safety & Survivability Corporation for use in public transit systems and in at least two other school systems this year including the Brazosport Independent School District (BISD) in Texas and Klamath Falls City Schools in Oregon.

The school safety industry was valued at $3.1 billion in 2021. Current estimates put it on track to hit $8.85 billion by 2030. So far in 2023 Education Week has tracked as many as eight school shootings leading to injury or death. Founded by a group of former Navy Seals and Technologists, ZeroEyes has trained it’s A.I. using hundreds of thousands of proprietary images and video.

You can learn more about its platform at


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