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ZeroEyes Partners with AEGIX to bolster Utah school security

ZeroEyes Partners with AEGIX to bolster Utah school security

PHILADELPHIA – ZeroEyes places another school system under the aegis of their AI-based gun detection video analytics platform in a partnership with Utah-based AEGIX.

AEGIX is a provider of resources, technology, equipment, and training for first responders, and through their partnership with ZeroEyes have integrated their software into its incident management platform to creature a solution it says is uniquely built for Utah public schools.

“In the face of increasing gun-related violence in US schools, it is crucial that Utah districts invest in proactive technology solutions that provide threat detection, situational awareness, and incident management and response,” said Michael Morgan, Chief of Police of Nephi City, Utah. “Our most important job is to keep our students, faculty and communities safe, so we must leverage the strongest and most effective tools available.”

The AEGIX AIM (Active Incident Management) platform allows individuals in an organization, such as a school, to notify others of a crisis with the touch of a button, or, in a worst-case scenario, teachers simply push a button in the app to let administrators and first responders know if they are “safe” or “unsafe.” AEGIX AIM can be operated from a desktop, laptop, or smartphone. It allows users on the system, including key law enforcement and first responders, to utilize the dynamic interactive maps of a school campus, buildings, and individual classrooms.

“We see the integration of ZeroEyes’ groundbreaking technology as a tremendous addition to our AIM solution,” said Chet Linton, CEO of AEGIX. “The synergies between our companies are obvious; we are both committed to reducing the gun-related violence that is so greatly impacting our schools.”

ZeroEyes CEO Mike Lahiff commented that they had been working together for several months with AEGIX to educate policymakers in Utah and realize this partnership.

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