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'20 under 40' 2012 - Beth Bailey

'20 under 40' 2012 - Beth Bailey

Beth Bailey, 33
Unit manager
ADT Security
Knoxville, Tenn.

How did you get into the security industry?

Prior to getting into the security industry, I was working in the banking field. It was really just a job—I didn't feel like there were any growth opportunities. Then I heard about an opportunity in Irving, Texas, with Brink's, so I applied and started to learn more about the monitoring operator role, handling alarms and calling customers to make sure everything is OK. It sounded really interesting, something different to do for sure, but something that at the end of the day feels like you're making a difference.

What can be done to attract more young people to the industry?

A tuition reimbursement program is something that can entice people to the industry, speaking from my own experience. Going into the industry most people aren't sure what they want to do with their careers, so they start off in an entry-level position. I think that's where a company can entice them with a reimbursement program to help build their (formal) education, but also partner that with a career advancement program—Brink's offered that, and so does ADT. You also develop more of an appreciation for what you do, which is exactly what happened with me. I gained more confidence by seeing people in management positions. Especially in a larger industry, you may think it's wishful thinking to get into a management role. But with each advancement, each promotion you receive, you gain that confidence and that love and appreciation.

Who in the industry has helped you most in your security career?

My first manager when I worked in Irving, Texas, was Darren Anderson, and he really helped me with each promotional opportunity to gain that confidence. You kind of wonder if you can hold your own among very senior leadership, and he helped encourage me to make those steps.


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