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'20 under 40' 2013 - Renee Mallonee

'20 under 40' 2013 - Renee Mallonee

Renee Mallonee, 29
Dealer marketing manager, Monitronics
Dallas, Texas

How did you get into the security industry?

I fell into it from the marketing aspect. I went to the University of Kentucky for marketing and advertising, and then based on that I was looking for a marketing position and found Monitronics. Ö The opportunity [marketing coordinator] was exciting because Monitronics was investing more in their marketing, building a new team and marketing strategy that focused on quality to build and promote the dealer program. I really hit the ground running. The team was small, so it exposed me to all facets of marketing quickly.

Who or what in the industry has inspired you most in your security career?

I've been driven and inspired by the fact that hard work does bring value. Ö I also found a mentor in Bruce Mungiguerra [vice president of operations] who helped get me through the process of understanding the industry. It was great to get his feedback and he always believed in me. It was a challenge in beginning—terms like RMR and multiples that I didn't really understand at first. But you have to learn fast. I learned a lot from our sales guys and Bruce.

What can be done to boost the ranks of young people in the industry?

Companies in this industry need to continue to recognize the shift toward advanced technology and promote fresh ideas and unique perspectives. Ö I think the younger generation really is a force that the security industry has to listen to about technology and social media and integrating all of that. [The industry] has kind of been delayed in a lot of those efforts, but you can't do that anymore if you want to grow as a company. I think we really need to pay attention and listen because they are really going to grow those businesses and take them to the next level.


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