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3VR partners with HTS

3VR partners with HTS Video search plus analytics equals ‘almost real time’ actionable intelligence

SAN FRANCISCO–3VR Security, an intelligent analytics and search solution provider, on Dec. 1 announced a partnership with High-Tech Solutions (HTS), a provider of license-plate recognition technology.  

3VR was looking for the “very best license-plate recognition analytics” to combine with its video search engine for use in airports and other public facilities, said Aisling MacRunnels, CMO for 3VR.

HTS's solutions are currently used in the U.S. and overseas for scanning and identifying “hundreds of thousands of marine cargo containers for Homeland Security and safe city projects globally” she said.

What did 3VR like about the HTS solution? Among other things, “we wanted to look beyond domestic license plate recognition and HTS recognizes international license plates,” MacRunnels said.

While 3VR has developed it own analytics, including LPR, object tracking and counting analytics, the company wants to partner with the best analytics providers in the market. “We don't care where they come from.”

On its own, facial recognition doesn't do much, MacRunnels said. However, she said, “when we work with the very best analytics and we combine it with our search engine, we can put out, almost in real time, actionable intelligence.”

Airports and public facilities are always interested in LPR, she said. LPR, object tracking and facial recognition can be used in hit-and-run incidents as well as terrorism threats. In those situations “identifying movement or where a car was parked is critical,” she said.

Match video analytics with non-video data–such as transaction data in a banking situation, or other POS data in a retail or hospitality environment–and you get “the best picture possible” of what's happening, MacRunnels said.

 “We want video analytics plus non-video analytics. That's what makes data actionable, and that's the goal,” she said. That combination also provides other relevant data, such as people counting, and that drives ROI, MacRunnels added.


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