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40 under 40: Joshua Hill, chief financial officer, Sentry Alarm

40 under 40: Joshua Hill, chief financial officer, Sentry Alarm

40 under 40: Joshua Hill, chief financial officer, Sentry Alarm

YARMOUTH, Maine—Joshua Hill, 29, is the chief financial officer of Sentry Alarm Systems, a third-generation family-owned and operated service provider of security alarms, fire alarms, fire sprinklers, video surveillance systems and access control systems throughout Northern California, Oregon, and Washington State based out of Monterey, Calif. Find out what inspired him to pursue a career in the security industry, what being a "40 under 40" winner means to him, what appeals to him about the security industry, and more. 

SSN: Describe your roles, duties, and tenure at your current job. 

40 under 40HILL: I handle financial reporting, budgeting, acquisitions, internal review, compliance, and software.

SSN: What inspired you to pursue a career in the security industry?

HILL: The security industry has been a significant part of my family's life for over 50 years. When I was given the opportunity to join the company in a financial role, I felt honored and inspired by the chance to contribute to our family's legacy. My focus has been on ensuring the company's financial stability and supporting its growth. It has been a pleasure to play a role in our continued success and to help position the company for a prosperous future in the industry.

SSN: What does being named a winner of SSN's 40 under 40 mean to you?

HILL: Being named a winner of SSN's 40 under 40 is an incredibly exciting and humbling moment for me. I am truly grateful for the recognition, as it serves as validation of not only my own, but also my team's hard work and dedication to the security industry.

The growth and success we have seen would not be possible without the team of accounting and administrative professionals that I have the pleasure of working with each day! Moving forward, I am excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what our company, Sentry, can achieve. I am eager to build upon the work that led to this recognition and remain committed to making a lasting, positive impact here at Sentry.

SSN: As a young leader, what appeals to you about the security industry?

HILL: The security industry is particularly appealing to me due to its immense potential for growth and the opportunities it presents for continuous learning. As technology rapidly evolves and our reliance on it increases, so does the demand for innovative and effective security solutions. This dynamic landscape creates an environment where there is always something new to explore and adapt to. The industry's potential for expansion and its importance in protecting businesses, governments, and individuals make it an exciting and fulfilling sector to be a part of.

SSN: With the hiring, recruitment and retention challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, how can the security industry engage young talent?

HILL: In today's job market, top talent is seeking not only financial stability, but also opportunities for growth and meaningful work experiences. By focusing on these aspects, the security industry can successfully engage and retain the young talent it needs to navigate the post-pandemic landscape and continue to grow.


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