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A world gone virtual …

A world gone virtual …

I joke sometimes in my house that the best way to communicate with my teenage son is to do a Snapchat video call with him, even when he is in the same house, although I have come to realize that I am too old to even fathom, let alone use, Snapchat. Luckily, the app designers were smart enough to make it so someone like me isn’t even capable of interacting with it, which is why my son — and all teenagers — love the app so much. But I digress!

What I am getting to is this virtual world us adults are now living in has taken some getting used to, and for many of us, has required some kicking and screaming before jumping on the endless webinar platforms, Zoom and Teams calls, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, ready to conquer this new virtual world we have been forced to live in, at least for now.

The good news is … drum roll, please … there are plenty of excellent virtual conference and training options coming up over the next few weeks and months to fill your brain to brim with new ideas and concepts while making a ton of new connections.

Here is quick list of some of the big ones that we will be “virtually” attending and covering here at SSN over just the next few months:

ASIS International’s GSX+ conference
Sept. 21-25

ISC West
Oct. 5-7

SIA’s Securing New Ground (SNG)
Oct. 21-22

ISC East
Nov. 18-19

Imperial Capital's 17th Annual Virtual Security Investor Conference
Dec. 2-3

Looking forward to connecting with many of you at one of the upcoming shows somewhere out there in the virtual world. Just don’t Snapchat me!



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