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ADT to add Engarde to its CRM options

ADT to add Engarde to its CRM options CRM will enable ADT dealers to do credit checks, e-contracts, homeowner verification, among other capabilities

SALT LAKE CITY—Engarde, a cloud-based CRM software company based here, is set to begin integrating with ADT, Timm Tippetts, president of Engarde, told Security Systems News.

“They have reached out to us and given us their APIs so that we will be able to fully integrate with them, and ADT dealers will now have the ability to use Engarde,” said Tippetts. “So they [dealers] will be able to do credit checks, e-contracts, homeowner verification and placing accounts online, for example, all through Engarde.”

Tippetts says that the ADT deal is “a priority for us right now, as they are the biggest residential company in the country, and we want to be able to offer our services to their dealers.”

Unveiled in late March, ADT dealers will have access to Engarde 4.0, the company's “biggest release to date, with a tons of new features that add value to our users, and make the experience a lot better for our clients from a users' experience,” said Tippetts.

One feature, called Custom Fields, allows dealers to customize as necessary. “If there is a field that a particular client or customer needs that Engarde doesn't provide out of the box, they can now create that field themselves,” said Tippetts.

To help oversee and bolster these new developments, Engarde hired Tom Beasley as its new director of engineering in January.

“Tom has a lot of experience in the security industry, formerly with Vivint for a number of years, and Microsoft before that, so we were very excited to bring on a person of his caliber, and bring his talent and experience to Engarde,” said Tippetts.

In addition to working on Engarde 4.0, Beasley oversaw the development of the company's new API, which “will make Engarde much easier to integrate with,” Beasley told SSN. “With our API, Engarde is more flexible than ever. Our customers and other third-party software vendors can integrate with our platform seamlessly.”

In addition to integrating with ADT, Engarde is also wrapping up a project with Monitronics, according to Tippetts.

“As the first CRM to integrate with Monitronics, we have a long relationship with them, and the bulk of our customer base are Monitronics' dealers,” he said. “With more and more dealers going to online digital contracts, Monitronics asked us to implement a tool that will pass the e-contract ID automatically when they put an account online through Engarde, so their funding department will get that data in real time, which will reduce the amount of double data entry that the dealer will have to do.”

Moving forward, Beasley said one of the goals is to continue to work with partners, like Monitronics, to “participate directly with the development process, and help us steer the ship and make sure that we are building the right things and give them early access to features they ask for,” he said. “We want to really make it a two-way street.”


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