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Alarm Buzz Podcast launches to provide a voice for alarm industry

Alarm Buzz Podcast launches to provide a voice for alarm industry

Alarm Buzz Podcast launches, provides a voice for alarm industry

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah—Alarm Buzz, a new podcast dedicated to the alarm industry, recently launched, with three shows already posted.

Alarm Buzz was created to bring industry professionals on to discuss tips, tricks, ideas, stories and more, featuring new weekly episodes with guests from all aspects of the alarm industry, including dealers, integrators, central stations, associations, hardware and software suppliers, and more. 

“The goal for Alarm Buzz is to bring the industry even closer together,” said Trent Whatcott, one of the hosts for Alarm Buzz. “We were all excited to attend ISC-West this time last year, and then we all got sent to our rooms. The camaraderie our industry has enjoyed seemed to evaporate overnight; ISC-West seemed to be the first that was canceled and then every other event soon followed. It seemed that we all immediately lost contact with each other. Although many of us suffer in silence, the suffering is real.  We want to do what we can to bring that back together. Alarm Buzz is aimed at just that. So, we invite everyone to join us come get your buzz on!”

The first episode was a “what to expect”-type discussion between two of the hosts. The second episode guest starred Jami Harrison and Todd Williams from Invisus, where they discussed the need for ID theft and cybersecurity protection. Many more topics of interest are planned for future episodes. Each episode will be around 30 minutes long and can be found anywhere anyone listens to podcasts.

Along with the guests, Alarm Buzz will be sponsored by the who’s who from every aspect of the industry.  Alarm Buzz is offering a launch special for anyone who guest stars that includes free commercials or mentions for the entity of their choice for two following episodes. AlarmHive ( has sponsored the first two episodes, with many more sponsors lined up.

Please contact Hannah Boone, Alarm Buzz Producer at for more details on being guest or sponsoring an episode.


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