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Alertus Technologies’ emergency preparedness grant

Alertus Technologies’ emergency preparedness grant

BELTSVILLE, Md.—Alertus Technologies announced its emergency preparedness grant offerings of up to $75,000 through a partnership with two major associations: Northeast Colleges and Universities Association (NECUSA) and Technology Association of Oregon (TAO).

“We are excited to start a new partnership with TAO and relaunch a successful grant program with NECUSA,” Ryan McGonigle, director of philanthropy at Alertus, said in the announcement. “We are excited ... [to] offer our Emergency Preparedness Grant to enhance safety across schools and non-profit communities.”

Over the past decade, Alertus has been dedicated to providing organizations — schools, corporations, medical centers and government facilities — with innovative mass notification solutions for rapid crisis communication.

Through this grant program, under-resourced organizations will gain the hardware and software tools needed to effectively prepare for and respond to crisis situations.

The Alertus Preparedness Grant is an extension of the Alertus Desktop Donation program, which to date has provided over 700 non-profit organizations across the world with the Alertus Desktop Notification tool.

“We are excited Alertus has chosen to partner with NECUSA for this amazing program ofering,” Chris Lloyd, president of NECUSA and director, Office of Safety & Security at Cairn University, said. “This clearly demonstrates Alertus’ commitment to the higher education community and to the students and employees who attend and work at these institutions. We cannot thank Alertus enough for their commitment to NECUSA and the higher ed. Community as a whole.”

Skip Newberry, president and CEO of TAO, added: “Resiliency is a key focus for many TAO members, especially in 2020. Partnering with Alertus helps make our community more resilient by enabling TAO member companies to access an important emergency preparedness resource for free.”

To apply for this grant, applicants must be a registered non-profit organization or a government entity, such as a school, library or public agency. Priority will be given to high-risk and high-need organization.

Applications will be accepted starting Sept. 1 through Oct. 1. NECUSA members can apply at and TAO members can apply at


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